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About Keith Lenn...

Keith Lenn delivers a brand of rock music that hits one's soul. His songs are based on Universal Truths; love and hate, real life and fantasy, good and evil are all central themes in Keith's lyrics.

Musically, hints of Neil Young, The Gin Blossoms, and the Lemonheads are evident. One might never know that Keith grew up listening to KISS, Fleetwood Mac, and Metallica. Years ago, music fans who followed the Rockland County, NY club scene all knew about Keith Lenn. Keith began his musical career in the neo-punk outfit Detour, a band based out of Spring Valley and featuring Carl Petersen on drums and Gina Lander on vocals. A revolving door of bassists never stopped this group from playing the local bar scene. Detour was the band that should have been.

While Keith had been playing with Detour, the guitarist started jamming with a New Paltz band called the Crag Rats, also known as the Dirty Stay-Outs. But a chance meeting with the manager of a Valley Cottage band called Illusion led to a tryout as the group's bassist. Detour became the past and Illusion became the present and future. Illusion, essentially, was a hard-working cover band with great stage presence and charisma. It was in Illusion that Keith met up with guitarist Larry Ross. The duo would part ways for many years, only to come together again in the late 1990s to work on some new tunes.

After Illusion, and having built up quite a set of chops on bass, Keith joined up with Threshold. Based in Wesely Hills, the sextet, featuring vocalists Osbaldo Echevarria and Gina Lander, guitarist Ricky Salvatore, keyboardist Tom Duvo, and a host of drummers (Eric Puente, Alan Cataldo, Paul Kechajian) put together a legendary collection of original music. But problems within the band first forced the leave of Ricky Salvatore (replaced by Keith on guitar with the addition of bassist Scott Semco) and ultimately the break-up of the band.

The break-up of Illusion spawned the band Red Thunder, perhaps the most popular of Keith's bands, though by his admission not necessarily the best. Taking bassist Scott Semco and keyboardist Tommy Duvo with him, and after recruiting drummer Doug Maresca, Red Thunder hit the local bar scene with fury. One of the hardest working bands in Rockland County, Red Thunder delivered a knockout punch every night out, even while dealing with a revolving door of vocalists.

Red Thunder evolved into Surrender, this time with a line-up that included Keith on bass, Larry Ross on guitar, and Doug Maresca on drums. Having secured a new vocalist, the quartet took the New York and New Jersey club scene by storm with Michael Zweigbaum eventually handling the vocal duties.

After a few shows and a quick recording session, Keith moved to Florida, not to be heard from again for some time.

But then in 1995 Keith could be found playing guitar in the folk-funk band Teasing Erica. Playing coffee houses and cafes, he and fellow guitarist Randy Viscio carved their own niche in the Albany, New York club scene. Popular among the college crowds, Teasing Erica evolved into The Randy Viscio band, featuring Keith and Randy on guitar and vocals, drummer Barry Lydecker, and that ever popular "revolving door" guy on bass.

And then, once again, all was quiet for a few years.

And then without warning, Keith Lenn moved back to Rockland County and pieced together the old band. Sweating it out in Doug Maresca's garage, Surrender was and is back together, sans the name. With bassist/singer Andy Taub now part of the mix, the band wrote a couple of new songs and re-recorded some old favorites to release a cd under the new band name OTHRS. "In Your Sights" was released in December 2006 and has found its way onto Canadian airwaves. While not a commercial success, as of yet, the disc has reestablished Keith Lenn as a promising act in the local NYC-area music scene.

And if you are extremely lucky, you might just recognize the bass guitarist for local cover band ROUTE 59. Want to guess who?