August 5th show and August 12th Live Stream

Hey, everyone! I appreciate everyone who tuned in for the Losing Our Faculties live stream from the Tarrytown Music Hall on Wednesday, August 12th and especially for those who donated to the Music Hall - the band donated our earnings bck to the Music Hall as well. Tarrytown Music Hall is such an essential part of the fabric of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow. The Hall's commitment to local theater and music, and their top notch concerts, really help make Tarrytown a special place. I know - I've lived there! So thank you again! We are so sorry that the sound quality was poor throughout... we had no way of knowing and feel horrible.

A week previous, on August 5th, Losing Our Faculties played an outdoor show at Horan's Landing in Sleepy Hollow. It was our first time playing live since who knows when! It was a blast and the crowd was spectacular. It was such a hot day that I actually wore a bathing suit and had every intention of jumping into the Hudson River after the show, but I didn't... I won't make that mistake again! Here are some pictures from the show.

Losing Our Faculties - Horan's Landing, Sleepy Hollow, NY - August 5, 2020

Left to right: Brittney Trenczer (violin), Rob Spirelli (drums), Dave DiLeo (guitar and vocals), Keith Lenn (bass)

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