Sleepy Hollow and Poughkeepsie gigs

I haven't had the opportunity to sit down and write about the LOSING OUR FACULTIES gigs from the Sleepy Hollow Block party on October 25th and the Hurricane Wings and Grill show on October 26th until now. They were both great gigs in their own ways - the band played fantastically both nights and we really lucked out with the weather. It looked like the Sleepy Hollow gig, which was outdoors, was going to be played on a real cold night, but the temperature seemed to have warmed up a bit once we began and it proved to be a comfortable night. 

Sleepy Hollow Block Party - October 25, 2019

LOSING OUR FACULTIES had been looking forward to this gig for a long while and it was an amazing evening. We played for almost three hours to an amazing crowd of Tarrytowners and Sleepy Hollow residents, met people who traveled up from some of the other Rivertowns on the train line and even some who made the trip up from New York City. If you have never been to the Block Party or Haunted Hayride, and you live in travel distance, well... let's just say that no town does Halloween better than Sleepy Hollow, NY - and for obvious reasons! I've acquired some pictures of LOF at the Block party and have posted them below.

Batgirl - violin, Indiana Jones - guitar/vocals, The Incredible Hulk - drums, Oscar the Grouch - bass

Amazing crowd!

I need a shave desperately here! Was just too lazy!

Hurricane Wings and Grill - Poughkeepsie, NY October 26, 2019

LOSING OUR FACULTIES played at Hurricane Wings and Grill for the first time and while the crowd was on the smaller side, I was amazed and humbled at how many of my friends came up and supported the band - some of my friends drove more than hour to get there and that is just simply amazing... no other word to describe it. Even before I talk about the gig, I have to say that the food was amazing! Ironically, I did not order the wings, but they looked and smelled so good. I had a steak sandwich with Pepper Jack cheese and it was absolutely fantastic! I might even take the hour drive and bring my family up for dinner sometime! Getting back to the gig, the space that we had to set up and play was awesome - better than most places we play - not cramped at all, room to spread out... we had some people sitting right up in front of the band and many watching from the bar as well as their booths... the band was really on fire - we were tight and we usually are when we play the second night of back-to-back shows... It's a venue that I would love to play again! There are some pictures below... check out all that space! We were even able to hang the banner!

Tons of space... no costumes though!

I look really unhappy in these two photos, but that certainly was not the case... maybe just a little tired, but I had a blast!

It's something I definitely need to work on! You never know when the camera is going to click!

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