Sonny Lee and the Fugitive Souls

I just wanted to share a fun picture from today's gig at Sazone in New City, NY with Sonny Lee and the Fugitive Souls! The band is basically a spin-off of The Layovers with a lot of overlapping material, but it is also very different in many ways! We played some older stuff - The Byrds, Dave Alvin, Bob Dylan, The Doors... really fun stuff. I even grabbed a guitar to play songs by Stephen Stills, Jimi Hendrix, and David Bowie. I don't play much guitar live these days as I always seem to have a bass in my hands, so this was something special for me!

(Left to Right: Bob "Bojo" Israel, Santi Briglia, Keith Lenn, Sonny Lee, Vinnie Celetti Walker)

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