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Keith Lenn is no stranger to the Rockland County, NY live music scene. He is one of the area's most recognizable bassists and guitarists, having played in several locally iconic bands since the mid-1980s. From punk and pop to rock and metal, Keith delivers the goods each and every night with his high energy stage presence and "no apologies" rock and roll attitude. Keith currently plays guitar for the original pop-rock band Faster Than Light, bass guitar for ZERO, The Maniacs, The Layovers, The Fugitive Souls and The Lazy Sods. 

The Maniacs at Uncle Tommy's Tavern - Pearl River, NY 

The Maniacs unleashes its brand new lineup for the second straight day, but this time for an entire evening of classic rock and more! Come rock out with us at Uncle Tommy's Tavern in Pearl River, NY! 9:30 start time!

(The alternate poster appears first, then the official poster.)

The Maniacs at Dingbatz! December 1, 2023 

The new Maniacs lineup makes its debut on December 1, 2023 for a great cause! Saint Peter's Haven is collecting money and unwrapped gifts for those family's and children who can benefit from having a toy provided to them for the holidays! It's the best way for the Maniacs to introduce the new lineup: Tom Tornatore - vocals; JC John "DocRock" Carucci - lead guitar; Tracy Urvater - drums; KJ Lenn - bass…

The End of an Era! 

On November 18th, the Maniacs played its final show with guitarist Tony Muro and fill-in vocalist David Brown. It was actually a really fun show and we had a great crowd as we thrilled the Pearl River, NY crowd at Uncle Tommy's Tavern! Uncle Tommy's is one of our favorite venues and we are going to be back there with our new improved lineup on December 2nd! A couple of pictures below cap off this version of the band…


Zer0 Recap - November 11th at Pearl River Hotel 

It's almost December and I am sorely needing to catch up with my posts…

Zer0 played a fantastic show at the Pear River Hotel in Pearl River, NY back on November 11th. The band played to a great crowd and delivered all of their favorite songs from Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, and much more! We played some new songs from Soul Asylum and Def Leppard as well and it was just a solid show and a huge amount of fun!

Here is a video of Zer0 performing Alice in Chain's Would? from that evening's performance.

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