Rock and roll with no apologies...

Keith Lenn is no stranger to the Rockland County, NY live music scene. He is one of the area's most recognizable bassists and guitarists, having played in several locally iconic bands since the mid-1980s. From punk and pop to rock and metal, Keith delivers the goods each and every night with his high energy stage presence and "no apologies" rock and roll attitude. Keith currently plays guitar for the original pop-rock band Faster Than Light, bass guitar for ZERO, The Maniacs, No Hard Feelings, The Layovers, The Fugitive Souls and The Lazy Sods. 

A New Poster and an Old Poster 

     I never posted the Shannon Rose gig poster so I will add it to the bottom of this blog post… it was an amazing gig for the Maniacs - maybe our best gig yet! Will we see you out at Uncle Tommy's on April 15th in Pearl River, NY?


March Madness! 

It's truly March Madness here! Five gigs booked for March with the Maniacs is just absolutely INSANE! Here are the concert posters for the first two gigs on March 10 and March 11. Hope to see you at one or both!

February 2023! 

Happy February 2023! Just a quick note to let you know that The Maniacs has embraced quite the robust gigging schedule for 2023... We've played a couple of great shows at Uncle Tommy's and the Gentle Giant, both in Pearl River, NY and we will be at the Greenhouse Bar and Grill in Wayne, NJ on February 18th! It's a fun set list with songs by The Cars, Bad Company, Cheap Trick, Kiss, Rod Stewart, and tons of your favorite rock acts! We play a solid three hours, so consider checking us out and supporting local live music!

The Maniacs at Uncle Tommy's in Pearl River, NY

December Update! It's a doozy... 

So... I was so so close to giving it all up, packing it in and calling it a day... it has been a very challenging 8 months - a heart attack and a head-on car collision that left me more banged up than I thought I was... I was done... and then against my better judgement, I agreed to play a fill-in bass gig for a fundraiser with a band called The Maniacs... and then two more fill-in gigs with the band... and now here I am, officially a member of the band as of Monday, December 19, 2022. We've come a very long way since I've been practicing with the band and we sound really legit! We've got a ton of bookings through summer of 2023, so please stay tuned here for our dates!

I am now also playing with fellow Layovers guitarist Santi Briglia in his new project called No Hard Feelings... we are a classic rock band in the vein of 1960s and 1970s garage rock. And some other fun things strewn about... just think garage... I played my first gig with them at the Mason Jar in Mahwah, NJ and I think it went pretty well! I am excited to play with these guys again!

Zero has been auditioning guitarists as Marco Ferreira will not be continuing with the band any longer. We wish Marco the best moving forward! Our last gig back on December 3rd at Casa del Sol in Nyack, NY was a very nice way to end the Marco era of Zero! We all had a lot of fun and wished each other well moving forward. I will still be recording the remainder of the Faster Than Light album with Marco at his studio and there's some really good stuff coming from these sessions!

Next gig dates:

Jan. 13, 2023 Rhodes Tavern, Sloatsburg, NY with No Hard Feelings

Jan. 14, 2023 Gentle Giant Brewery, Pearl River, NY with The Maniacs

Keith with No Hard Feelings at the Mason Jar, Mahwah, NJ - 12/16/22


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