Rock and roll with no apologies...

Keith Lenn is no stranger to the Rockland County, NY live music scene. He is one of the area's most recognizable bassists and guitarists, having played in several locally iconic bands since the mid-1980s. From punk and pop to rock and metal, Keith delivers the goods each and every night with his high energy stage presence and "no apologies" rock and roll attitude. Keith currently plays guitar for the original pop-rock band Faster Than Light, bass guitar for ZERO, The Maniacs, No Hard Feelings, The Layovers, The Fugitive Souls and The Lazy Sods. 

December Update! It's a doozy... 

So... I was so so close to giving it all up, packing it in and calling it a day... it has been a very challenging 8 months - a heart attack and a head-on car collision that left me more banged up than I thought I was... I was done... and then against my better judgement, I agreed to play a fill-in bass gig for a fundraiser with a band called The Maniacs... and then two more fill-in gigs with the band... and now here I am, officially a member of the band as of Monday, December 19, 2022. We've come a very long way since I've been practicing with the band and we sound really legit! We've got a ton of bookings through summer of 2023, so please stay tuned here for our dates!

I am now also playing with fellow Layovers guitarist Santi Briglia in his new project called No Hard Feelings... we are a classic rock band in the vein of 1960s and 1970s garage rock. And some other fun things strewn about... just think garage... I played my first gig with them at the Mason Jar in Mahwah, NJ and I think it went pretty well! I am excited to play with these guys again!

Zero has been auditioning guitarists as Marco Ferreira will not be continuing with the band any longer. We wish Marco the best moving forward! Our last gig back on December 3rd at Casa del Sol in Nyack, NY was a very nice way to end the Marco era of Zero! We all had a lot of fun and wished each other well moving forward. I will still be recording the remainder of the Faster Than Light album with Marco at his studio and there's some really good stuff coming from these sessions!

Next gig dates:

Jan. 13, 2023 Rhodes Tavern, Sloatsburg, NY with No Hard Feelings

Jan. 14, 2023 Gentle Giant Brewery, Pearl River, NY with The Maniacs

Keith with No Hard Feelings at the Mason Jar, Mahwah, NJ - 12/16/22


November Update and IPO Concert Poster 

Hola! A few cool things going on - some gigs coming up, most notably Sonny Lee and the Layovers will be performing at the 2022 New York City International Pop Overthrow on Saturday night, November 12 at Bar Freda in Queens, NY. We go on at 8:15 pm and will be playing a very special eight-song set featuring six original tunes and a couple of cool covers. I hope to see you out at the gig!

I'll also be playing an upcoming gig with the Maniacs, filling in for FTL bassist David Greenberg. The gig is November 25th and there will be more details to follow as they come in to me.

Zero returns to Casa del Sol in Nyack, NY on December 3rd for our last show of 2022. Some big changes coming for Zero in 2023 so you really do not want to miss this December show!


Rocktober Update 

October 2022... Just a quick note for everyone... after my car accident I have been dealing with some significant neck, back, and hand injuries. I've been pushing through them, but playing bass is now physically difficult... not impossible, but harder than it should be. That all being said, those of you that know me well also know that I'm hard to kill! And as such, I would like to announce a couple of show dates coming up.

October 9th, 2022 (Sunday) - I will be filling in for Faster Than Light bassist David Greenberg when I play with his band, The Maniacs. This show is a fundraiser to take place in Suffern, New York by the ball fields near the train station. Money is being raised to help Hurricane Ian victims, so it is for a great cause. Show time is from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

November 12th, 2022 (Saturday) - Once again I am honored to take the stage with Sonny Lee and the Layovers as we participate in the annual International Pop Overthrow Concert Series! We will be playing at Bar Freda in Queens, NY - our time slot is 8:15 pm and we will be following long-time IPO veteran Wendy Ip and playing just before the amazing Dave Rave, another veteran of the IPO wars! This will be my fourth IPO with Sonny Lee and the Layovers and to be honored with a prime Saturday night slot (again) is just the best! If you plan on coming down for the show, please investigate the parking situation first!

And now, a #hotdad #rockstar picture of me!

September Update! 


It's been a crazy crazy crazy crazy (yes, four crazies) month for me... Some of you may know that I had a heart attack back in April... not to worry... I drove myself to the hospital (which is pretty badass if you ask me), and only missed one day of work (also badass)... no heart damage - the best heart attack you can possibly have! Since my recovery I have been able to run upwards of an hour non-stop with no heart issues, but man, my knees really start to give out at around 45 minutes!

And then... a serious car crash, head on... walked away from it (more bad assery), but not without whiplash and other assorted aches and pains... NOT complaining, but it seems I am using up some of my nine lives real quickly these days!

And just as I was in the middle of recording Faster Than Light songs with Zero guitarist and my engineer/co-priducer Marco Ferreira... hoping to get back into the studio when I feel up to it (soon) and deliver the follow-up FTL record which will be mind blowing!

New car!

No Apologies - Xmas Night in Hell 

Just wanted to share a photo I found of No Apologies playing at the annual RCDC (Rockland County Death Corps) Xmas Night in Hell Concert... great picture!

From left to right: Mike Lowry, Bobby Bandy, Keith Lenn, Ron Roberto - Doug Maresca is in the back on drums...

Bullet of Shame by Sonny Lee and the Layovers 

Sonny Lee and the Layovers still ride even in 2022! This is a great performance of "Bullet of Shame" and I wanted to share it out with everyone. We play sporadically, maybe twice a year. Our next show is November 12, 2022 at Bar Freda in Queens, NY. Maybe I will see you there?

La Grange by Losing Our Faculties 

So... I spent eleven years in Losing Our Faculties and while my time with the band ultimately had to end based on circumstances beyond my control, I have come to terms that there were many good times... this clip shows one of them. The video was taken at the Tarrytown Music Hall... January of some unremembered year...

Any Way You Want It w/ CRUSH 

I came across some very old files... there are a lot of reasons not to post anything from my time in Crush or Losing Our Faculties, but I am slowly coming around to the fact that these bands were a large part of my music scene and history and this performance of Journey's "Any Way You Want It" is pretty decent... note Faster Than Light drummer Doug Maresca behind the kit from this show at Rudy's in Hartsdale, NY on October 28, 2016.

2022 IPO - New York - November 12th - Bar Freda, Queens, NY 

Happy August! I just wanted to reach out to everyone to announce the next Sonny Lee and the Layovers show! We are certainly veterans of the International Pop Overthrow International Concert Series and this year we are staying local, performing on Saturday night, November 12, 2022 at Bar Freda in Queens, NY! The set list is incendiary and the band is in top form! Cannot wait to see you all out there!


July 2022 

Happy July 2022! So... once again it has been a long time since I have written here and updated the page. 

Due to a medical emergency back in April I have taken things slow... too slow... I've taken a short break from recording the new Faster Than Light CD, but please know five songs are in varying stages of recording and mixing/mastering. So while we are behind schedule, we are still on track to get this new music out to you all! 

I've actually played a few gigs with Zero since my short hospital stay and we are playing again at Casa del Sol in Nyack, NY on July 29th. If you find yourself just north of NYC that day, please drop by and say hello! I've also started jamming with a band up in Connecticut called Vinyl Notice. It's a lot different than any other band I have been in, though there is some overlap. It's catchy, danceable 80s and 90s rock and pop with some other stuff thrown about... 

Also, I would be remiss not to send out a thank you to Tom Hilton, Tom Aldora,and Aldora-Britain Records for all of the recent Facebook love! It has not gone unnoticed! 

Until next time! 


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