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Keith Lenn is no stranger to the Rockland County, NY live music scene. He is one of the area's most recognizable bassists and guitarists, having played in several locally iconic bands since the mid-1980s. From punk and pop to rock and metal, Keith delivers the goods each and every night with his high energy stage presence and "no apologies" rock and roll attitude. Keith currently plays guitar for the original pop-rock band Faster Than Light, bass guitar for ZERO, The Layovers and The Fugitive Souls. 


It's been a very very long time since I've posted here. There have been a lot of ups and downs the last few months... lots of frustrations recording the new Faster Than Light cd... I won't go into details, but I actually disbanded the band and then today undisbanded the band, if that's a word...!

Things with Zero are going well, although I had to miss a gig with them the other night due to a medical emergency... I'm fine, though I needed a couple of nights in the hospital. See picture below - I look great! Ha ha!

That's me in my home office - April 10, 2022 - still alive!

I won't go into any details as to what happened, but it was life or death! And I survived, came out of everything pretty amazingly normal! I'm sure some new songs I write and record will drop some hints as the near-death experience has given me so many ideas for songs. I'm exaggerating just a little, but only a little. It could had been bad, but here I am...

So after exchanging some texts with the guys in FTL, we are back on track to finish the next phases of recording. I'm excited.

I also wanted to share a podcast link with everyone. Rui Marques, of, interviewed me as part of his podcast series to discuss the different levels of success in the music industry. Our nearly-hour-long discussion was revealing and honest and I think you will enjoy it. The link is here: Music Success Podcast featuring Keith Lenn and Rui Marques

I hope to be able to post more frequently now that my world has been placed in a different perspective.

Hope you all are making music and enjoying music!


Faster Than Light news! 

There's a lot of Faster Than Light news lately as the band continues recording their follow-up CD to 2017's "Now We're Speaking French." The first single, "Someone I Know," has already hit radio and charted at number 4 on the Banks Radio/Valley 95.5 FM charts in Australia and has been featured on Beacon, NY's WHUD as part of Andy Bale's Artist Spotlight series, the second such time for Faster Than Light! Also, the official Red Thunder anime video was released to the world and features some really cool footage to accompany the song!

On November 19th there will be three FTL surprises! Faster Than Light t-shirts will go on sale on this site as well as Faster Than Light Official Site. There are two more surprises, but you'll have to wait until the 19th to see what they are! I'll drop a hint below!

Some Zero stuff... 

Zero played a fantastic gig at Casa del Sol in Nyack, NY on Saturday, November 6th... it had been a couple of years since Zero played there and the band and crowd did not disappoint! At one point there were so many people packed into the bar that people from the outside could not get in! We played 43 songs in all, including two encores... it was really just a fantastic evening!

Quite a few fans stayed for the entire night!

Faster Than Light and Aldora Britain Records! 

Once again, Faster Than Light has teamed up with Tom Hilton at Aldora Britain Records to bring a Faster Than Light tune to the world of indie and underground music! FTL's new single, "Someone I Know," appears on the new Aldora Britain Compilation "Rise to the Top" and is featured as track 9. The entire compilation is strong and showcases artists from around the world. I'm honored that Tom has included FTL on this compilation.

Sonny Lee and the Fugitive Souls 

I just wanted to share a fun picture from today's gig at Sazone in New City, NY with Sonny Lee and the Fugitive Souls! The band is basically a spin-off of The Layovers with a lot of overlapping material, but it is also very different in many ways! We played some older stuff - The Byrds, Dave Alvin, Bob Dylan, The Doors... really fun stuff. I even grabbed a guitar to play songs by Stephen Stills, Jimi Hendrix, and David Bowie. I don't play much guitar live these days as I always seem to have a bass in my hands, so this was something special for me!

(Left to Right: Bob "Bojo" Israel, Santi Briglia, Keith Lenn, Sonny Lee, Vinnie Celetti Walker)

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