The story...

Keith Lenn is a New York-based guitarist and bassist with a reputation for being a "fast learn" and the ability to handle multiple projects at once. Keith is the current bassist for Zero (NY), The Maniacs (NY), and the guitarist for pop-rock band Faster Than Light. He also regularly plays with The Layovers and The Fugitive Souls. 

Keith Lenn has played in some of the most iconic Rockland County, NY bands including Detour, Threshold, and Red Thunder.

In 2011, Keith Lenn trekked out to Hollywood, California to play the International Pop Overthrow Concert Series as the bassist for Sonny Lee and the Layovers and in 2013 held down the bottom once again for the band at the Brooklyn, NY IPO.  Keith did the same in 2019 as he once again manned the bass for the band at the IPO in Manhattan, NY. 

Faster Than Light, Keith's solo project, just released its debut CD "Now We're Speaking French..."  with songs in the vein of the Gin Blossoms, Foo Fighters and the Lemonheads. It is available at or your favorite digital music provider (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc...).



Charvel Model IV (1986)

Epiphone Flying V (Year Unknown)
Epiphone Les Paul Custom (2004; Gibson Classic '59 Pick-Ups; Grover Tuners)
Epiphone SG (mid-1990s)
Fender Telecaster (American) 
Fender Deluxe HSS Stratocaster (American)
Gibson Les Paul Faded
Gibson Les Paul Classic Antique (Tom Morgan Art; limited to 400) (2007)
Gibson SG (2002)
Gibson Melody Maker (2007)
G+L Limited Edition ASAT Classic Ash Telecaster
Hamer Explorer (Flames Pattern)
Ibanez Artcore AF55-TF Hollow Body

Squier Stratocaster (2001 Custom Flower Child Paint Pattern)

Ibanez PC300CE Acoustic/Electric

Ibanez TCM50-NT1205 Acoustic/Electric
Ovation Celebrity Series Acoustic/Electric
Taylor 110ce Acoustic/Electric

Yamaha FG-410A

Fender Jazz Bass (American)
Fender Jazz Bass (Mexican)

Fender Squier 
Ibanez Roadstar II (1986)
Ibanez BTB 
Ibanez Talman TMB 300

Jackson X-Series Concert Bass in Rocket Red

Samick Artist Series (1997?)

Amplifiers and Speakers:


EVH 5150 Iconic - White
Marshall 5212 Split Channel Reverb Combo 2x12 (1986-ish)
Fender Deluxe Combo 40W Texas Red
Fender Princeton Chorus Combo
Epiphone Excelsior 13W Combo

Fender M-80 Grey Carpet Head with Matched 2x15 Fender Cabinet
Fender Pro 115 Bass Enclosure
Peavey Max 160 Watt Head

Hartke 1x15 HD150 Combo Amp
Hartke 4x10 Transporter Bass Cab
Genz Benz ShuttleMax 9.2 Bass Head with Genz Benz 4x10 UberBass Cab
Fender Bassman 500 Head with Matched Fender Neo 410 Cabinet

Current Bass Pedalboard Set-up
Bass Guitar--> Digitech Drop--> BOSS TU-2 Chromatic Tuner--> Ibanez TSB9 Tube Screamer--> BOSS CEB-3 Bass Chorus--> Amplifier with Voodoo Labs Pedal Power ISO 5

Current Guitar Pedalboard Set-up
Keith does not run a pedalboard per se, but he mixes and matches from the following effects based on mood and current likes/dislikes:

12-18-19: Currently Keith has pieced together a live board for possible Faster Than Light shows:
Guitar--> KORG PB-01 Pitch Black Tuner--> BBE Boosta Grande--> Joyo JF-07 Classic Flanger--> PRO CO "The Rat" RAT Distortion--> TC Electronics Dark Matter Distortion--> TC Electronics MojoMojo Overdrive--> Electro Harmonix Big Muff Op Amp Reissue--> Electro Harmonix Satisfaction Fuzz--> MXR Phase 90 with R28 Script Mod--> DIGITECH Ventura Vibe Rotary Vibrato--> Ibanez Mini Analog Delay--> AMP

Current Pedals

BBE Boosta Grande

Behringer BEQ700 Bass Graphic Equalizer

Behringer CS400 Compressor Sustainer

Behringer EQ700 Graphic Equalizer

Behringer HD300 Heavy Distortion

Behringer HM300 Heavy Metal Distortion

Behringer SF300 Super Fuzz

Behringer TM300 Tube Amp Modeler

Behrninger TO800 Vintage Tube Overdrive

Behringer TU300 Chromatic Tuner (x2)

Behringer UC200 Ultra Chorus

Behringer UM300 Ultra Metal Distortion

Behringer UO300 Ultra Octaver

Behringer UV300 Ultra Vibrato

Behringer VP1 Vintage Phaser

BOSS BF-3 Flanger

BOSS CEB-3 Bass Chorus

BOSS DD-3 Digital Delay

BOSS DS-1 Distortion

BOSS FS-6 Dual Footswitch

BOSS SD-1 Super Overdrive

BOSS SY-1 Synthesizer

BOSS TU2 Chromatic Tuner

Caline Pegasus Overdrive

Carl Martin Bass Chorus

Digitech Digital Reverb X-Series

Digitech Drop Polyphonic Droptune

Digitech Ventura Vibe

DOD BIFET Boost 410

DOD Boneshaker Distortion

DOD Compressor 280

DOD Envelope Filter

DOD Gunslinger MOSFET Distortion

DOD Phasor 201

Donner DT Deluxe Tuner Mini Pedal

Donner White Tape Delay

DUNLOP Cry Baby Wah 535Q

EDEN WTDI World Tour Direct Box with Bass Pre-amp

EHX Bassballs Dynamic Filter

EHX Bass Big Muff

EHX Big Muff

EHX Big Muff Op Amp

EHX Big Muff π

EHX JMascis Ram's Head Big Muff π

EHX LPB-1 Linear Power Booster

EHX Little Big Muff

EHX Satisfaction Fuzz

EHX Soul Food (Klon Clone)

HOSA DIB-443 Sidekick Passive Direct Box

HOSA FSC-384 Footswitch

Ibanez Analog Delay Mini

Ibanez CS-9 Stereo Chorus

Ibanez TS9B Bass Tube Screamer

JHS 3 Series Chorus

JHS 3 Series Delay

JHS 3 Series Distortion

JHS 3 Series Flanger

JHS 3 Series Phaser

JHS 3 Series Screamer

JOYO JF-06 Vintage Phase

JOYO JF-07 Classic Flanger

JOYO JF-09 Tremolo

JOYO JF-12 Voodoo Octave

JOYO JF-32 Hot Plexi Drive

JOYO Revolution Series UZI Distortion

J Rockett Immortal Echo Delay

J Rockett Steampunk Boost Buffer

J Rockett Touch Overdrive

KORG Miku Stomp

KORG Pitch Black Tuner

ModTone MTM-CH Mini Mod Chorus

Mosky Golden Horse Overdrive

MXR csp105 Phase 45 Phase Shifter Script

MXR DC Brick Power Supply

MXR EVH Eddie Van Halen Phase 90

MXR M-78 Custom Badass '78 Distortion

MXR M-101 Phase 90 Block Print

MXR M-101 Phase 90 Block Print with R-28 Mod

MXR M-102 Dyna Comp

MXR M-103 Blue Box Octaver

MXR M-107 Phase 100

MXR M109S Six Band EQ

MXR M69 Prime Distortion

Pigtronix Micro Disnortion

PROCO Rat Distortion

Rare Buzz Effects Cyborg Distortion (Ukraine Edition #169)

Rocktron Heart Attack Dynamic Filter

TC Electronic 3rd Dimension Chorus

TC Electronic Blood Moon Phaser

TC Electronic Cinders Overdrive

TC Electronic Crescendo Auto Swell

TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion

TC Electronic Eyemaster Metal Distortion

TC Electronic Grand Magus Distortion Pedal

TC Electronic Honey Pot Fuzz

TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive

TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive Paul Gilbert Edition

TC Electronic RUSH Booster

TC Electronic Thunderstorm Flanger

TC Electronic VibraClone

VOX VFS2A Footswitch


Donner Power Supply

Friedman Power 10 Grid

Gator GBUS 8 (x2)

Voodoo Labs Pedal Power I