All things come to a...

     If you follow me on social media (KJ Lenn on Facebook, rock1967star on Instagram), then you may already know that The Maniacs will be disbanding, sort of, after our last show November 18th. It's become apparent that the current lineup is incapable of working together for much longer and in anticipation of this “break up” we have not been booking new shows.

     All this being said, Tracy (the drummer) and I will continue the Maniacs “brand” with a new vocalist and lead guitarist. We may even add a fifth member to the fold, either a second guitarist or possibly a keyboardist. We are already knee-deep in talks with prospective players and will be jamming with a bunch of people as we sort out the future of our band!

     You also may come across some negativity in social media connected to the Maniacs, me, or other band members and friends… Please know that I have taken the high road, wishing all former members of the band the best of luck moving forward… there's no room or reason for any hate or ill will. I am blessed to have been able to play so many amazing shows with the Maniacs, make so many new friends, meet so many new people, and play at some really cool venues. Please just disregard anything negative that you see and let the negative comments speak to the character of those posting them.

     The Maniacs will be back better and stronger and hotter than ever! And if you happen to see “two” Maniacs bands out there, remember that “my” Maniacs band is the one you want to see!

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