The CRUSH gig at Boulder Stadium in Pomona, New York on 6/18/16 to benefit United Hospice of Rockland County was...let's just say, challenging! From a logistical standpoint it was Spinal-Tap-ish! Lots of miscommunication and misunderstandings between the venue and the band, but we plowed through not to let down United Hospice of Rockland County for whom we are proud to have raised, by our count, well over $500 and possibly as much as $800 (the ticket sales through our website have not been totaled up as of yet). And then there was that point midway through our show that the power went out! But from a performance standpoint, we played well and even played "Birthday" by the Beatles to the team mascot, Boulder Bird, and a cute six-year old girl whose birthday it also happened to have been! Here are a few pictures to show you what you missed if you were not there. And a special thanks to all who came out to contribute to UHRC and to support CRUSH!

It's always fun to see yourself on the Jumbotron! June 18th - Boulder Stadium (Palisades Credit Union Park), Pomona, NY...

Keith Lenn on bass with CRUSH (second from left)

Keith Lenn on bass with CRUSH vocalist Lisa GoldĀ 

And fortunately someone snapped a photo of the bassist (doesn't always happen)...

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