Corona update... not the beer...

Hey, everyone... going a little nutty not being able to play live, but I have been playing my guitar a lot, writing music, practicing and getting better... built a few pedal boards with some wood I bought at Lowe's and really digging the new board I put together...

Been trying to convince Losing Our Faculties to do a Facebook Live stream from either my garage or another location - doesn't seem like anyone is against it, and if it happens I will certainly post here with a link to the performance... it would be a lot of fun for certain!

LOF has been bantering through text about some new songs to play for our next show, whenever that will be... scheduled is April 24th at D&D's in New City, NY but who knows if that will actually happen. I sincerely hope it does. Then we are at Juan Murphy's in Poughkeepsie, NY on May 2nd and there are some special plans in store for that show! More details to come as we get closer!

Until next time, stay safe and healthy! Make good choices! ---Keith


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