I am very pleased to announce that the debut Faster Than Light CD is super-close to completion! As of right now, there are thirteen songs that are likely to be included on the disc, although I must admit that there is one song I am on the fence about. I'll have to see how it sounds once it is mixed and mastered. There is still some minor tracking to be done and some background vocals to do on one track, but a bunch of the songs are already CD-ready to go! I have still not settled on a title for the CD, but the working title has been 612 Morris Street which is where many of the songs were written when I was living in Albany, NY in the mid-1990s. 

On the website I have had a few songs posted randomly - The Darkest Side, Job, Done Something Wrong... please note those are not the finished masters... they are not demos, but the songs in an uncompleted fashion. Once the CD is available for release I will place the album versions of a few songs on the site.

This picture was taken outside of Albany, NY back in 1996 when I was in the midst of writing much of this CD.

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  • Theresa Grethe

    Theresa Grethe Elmsford

    Nice sons The Darkest Side I really like it !

    Nice sons The Darkest Side I really like it !

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