Mid-June Update

Where to begin?

I've got a foot in the water on the new Faster Than Light CD... The first completed track, Someone I Know, is fully recorded, mixed and awaiting mastering. Blacker is just about mixed and sounds killer. It's a heavier version of the acoustic track Black from "Now We're Speaking French" and I really love the way it is turning out. Two other songs have basic tracks down and are awaiting vocals and other embellishments... 

The big news is that after 11 years I've decided to leave Losing Our Faculties. It was a great run for a local band, but after all that time the accumulations of little things begin to add up and it was just time to call it a day. It's nothing personal against anyone, just time.

Zero's gig at the Cloverleaf Inn on June 19th was an absolute BLAST! Great crowd, lots of singing and dancing, and on a personal note, such a better performance from me on bass than the private party we played a month ago... I hope Zero can get some more gigs going... I hear we are blowing up on Tic Toc!

More soon... ---Keith

Physical copies still available in the store, but supplies are running out...

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