September Update!


It's been a crazy crazy crazy crazy (yes, four crazies) month for me... Some of you may know that I had a heart attack back in April... not to worry... I drove myself to the hospital (which is pretty badass if you ask me), and only missed one day of work (also badass)... no heart damage - the best heart attack you can possibly have! Since my recovery I have been able to run upwards of an hour non-stop with no heart issues, but man, my knees really start to give out at around 45 minutes!

And then... a serious car crash, head on... walked away from it (more bad assery), but not without whiplash and other assorted aches and pains... NOT complaining, but it seems I am using up some of my nine lives real quickly these days!

And just as I was in the middle of recording Faster Than Light songs with Zero guitarist and my engineer/co-priducer Marco Ferreira... hoping to get back into the studio when I feel up to it (soon) and deliver the follow-up FTL record which will be mind blowing!

New car!

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